Human Resource

“Business tools are productivity systems – and, if people cannot easily learn to use them, then they will be underused and often unsuccessful”

Working together we’ll help you build the foundation for change: a clear strategy and purpose to take you forward. Translating vision into reality, we’ll help your organization by developing an adaptive ecosystem of right-tools, right time and right technologies for employees to experiment, learn and improve. The results? We bring your employees workstyles and evolving digital technology together to accelerate organizational transformation. 

Payroll Management

Empower your payroll department to increase control over processes, data, and costs. With CANANG’s powerful yet easy-to-use calculation engine, you can handle even the most complex payroll requirements with ease and faster. We combined proven technology, latest innovations, and service delivery in a solution that represents the next generation of payroll process automation. Our payroll supports PCB calculation, EPF and SOCSO deduction in compliant with local regulation. CANANG also provides you an interface for a complete overview of salary disbursements, including details such as earnings, deductions, taxes and more.

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